Trust & Probate Sales

The Tublitz Advantage team of professionals bring unique capabilities to support banking institutions, probate and estate attorneys with real estate transactions.  Our expertise and level of communication is exactly what elder care professionals need when they are responsible for the liquidation of real estate assets.

• Extensive experience with both large and small corporate clients.

• A listing team to ensure that all aspects are handled with care and competency.

• Project Management team to assist with clean-outs, inspections, repairs and staging.


Our organization has a track record of success with institutions such as Northern Trust, Wells Fargo and Comerica as well as with medium to small law firms who supervise the sale of properties within trusts..

We understand how to optimize price and reduce the risk of holding a property too long.  Our fast launch program and target marketing is aimed at finding qualified buyers. We ensure that each transaction will close in a timely manner for terms agreeable to all parties. 

We take pride in our communication with our clients – they’re apprised at every step along the way.  Our written communication is available to beneficiaries – from detailed market analyses that are thorough and comprehensive to targeted marketing plans. All are easy to understand and available on demand. We track each transaction once it goes to contract and our technology platforms make this an easy process for our clients.