Real Estate Services for Estates, Trusts & the Elderly - Our Services

Real Estate Services for Estates, Trusts & the Elderly - Our Services

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Our Services

Recognizing that the sale of a home is an important point of transition for heirs and the elderly alike, we are both skilled in selling as well as sensitive to the emotional aspects of each transaction.

Our goal is to understand the requirements defined by our clients and then to prepare a defined plan to stage, launch and sell the property in a reasonable time and for the best price and terms possible.

What differentiates us is our ability to bring together both professional services as well as trades that are both reliable and price sensitive. We have selected these vendors because they adhere to our standards of excellence.  From the removal of unwanted items to simple home improvements, our preferred vendors are licensed, insured and many of them are bonded as well.  We manage these projects to ensure that they are completed in a timely manner so that the properties can be brought to market as quickly as possible.

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