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Real Estate Summary: Mixed Results for the First half of 2017

by The Tublitz Advantage
Real estate activity during the first half of this year has been mixed: on one hand, we've heard that housing has been down this year but recent data shows that starts are beginning to see an uptick and that in May, existing home sales increased 1.1% year-over-year.
But the real news is that median housing prices are going up dramatically, fueled by some of the lowest inventory we've seen in quite some time. Read More.

How Tales of "Flippers" May Have Led to the Housing Bubble

by The Tublitz Advantage

There is still no consensus on why the last housing boom and bust happened. That is troubling, because that violent housing cycle helped to produce the Great Recession and financial crisis of 2007 to 2009. We need to understand it all if we are going to be able to avoid ordeals like that in the future. Read More about Robert Shiller's view of the ongoing national pastime of "flipping houses" and it's impact on the real estate market. This interesting article from the New York Times discusses how our obsession with making money in real estate has created a frenzy that could have detrimental effects on our housing market.

The Best and the Worst Places for Retirement

by The Tublitz Advantage

Where is the best place to retire in the United States? It's complicated.

These are among the findings of a recent study by the financial website WalletHub, which ranked the 50 states and the District of Columbia in three categories: affordability, health care and general quality of life. Using 31 metrics and assigning a point value to each, the site then came up with an overall score for each state. Read More.

What Social Work Teaches You About Real Estate

by The Tublitz Advantage

This insightful article summarizes the importance of listening to Buyer needs and framing solutions in a way that a Buyer understands. From NY to San Francisco to Boca Raton and everywhere in between, the skills are the same. New York real estate agents take on many roles, particularly when they’re shepherding first-time buyers. They’re accountants, educators, decorators, and even stand up comics. A

nd, of course, they have to be psychotherapists with just the right words of reassurance and comfort at their command when a client loses a bidding war or gets turned down by a co-op board. (“This wasn’t meant to be.” “Things happen for a reason.” “When the right place comes along, everything will fall into place for you.”). Read More.

How to Avoid Stress When You're Moving

by The Tublitz Advantage


This article from the New York Times anecdotally summarizes the frustrations associated with moving and what to do about it.

One night last month, while I was in the midst of moving out of the house where I had lived for nearly a decade, I found myself trying to make dinner with two pans, one fork and one knife — the only things I had not yet packed that were useful.

To distract myself from this sorry state, I turned on an episode of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” and saw a father and son suddenly thrown into moving mode. A house flipper had knocked on their door and offered them cash to get out ASAP. But they were shown calmly putting random items into boxes that didn’t look as if they had been salvaged from a grocery or liquor store — as were most of my boxes — after which they stopped to have a leisurely heart-to-heart talk. Read More.


Ft Lauderdale Get Its Day in the Sun

by The Tublitz Advantage

Florida’s Fort Lauderdale, once known for spring-break revelers, is today more likely to draw business moguls seeking relief from state income taxes.

Home prices are rising, boosted by low inventory and a swelling population. In an analysis of luxury sales, defined as the top 10% of the market, Douglas Elliman Real Estate found that the median sale price of condos and single-family homes rose 3.8% year-over-year in the fourth quarter of 2016. Condos sold for a median $1.245 million, while single-family homes sold for a median $2.025 million. Read More

Housing remains in high demand in most of the nation, but the housing recovery looks increasingly uneven, depending on location.

Whether buyers are shopping for their own homes or for investment properties that will throw off some cash, certain markets are becoming far more lucrative than anyone might have expected just a few years ago. Still, some of the hottest markets are falling from grace. Read More.

National Home Prices Increased Year Over Year in December 2016

by The Tublitz Advantage

2016 was a strong year for Real Estate. Core Logic's Principal Economist explains that National home prices increased 7.2% year-over-year in December 2016. While the Home Price Index (HPI) has increased ever month since February 2012, prices are still 3.9% below the April 2006 Peak. Read More.

Why the Supply of Homes is the Lowest Since 1999

by The Tublitz Advantage

House hunters out this spring will have to pound more and more pavement to find their home sweet home.

The number of for-sale listings fell again in December to the lowest level since 1999, according to the National Association of Realtors. There were just 1.65 million homes for sale at the end of December, which at the current sales pace would take only about 3 ½ months to exhaust. A normal, balanced market has about a six-month supply. More Information Here.

What Sellers Should Do When Their House Under Appraises

by The Tublitz Advantage

We recently listed a short sale property in the $600's. The lienholder approved the short sale at $30,000 higher than contract price based upon the appraisal.  Knowing that the Buyer would not agree to a 5% higher price, we questioned the adjustments used by the appraiser. In this case, the appraiser used comparable sales that were substantially better than the subject property. This resulted in an an over-inflated appraised value. The lienholder agreed with us, increased the price that they would accept by $5,000 and the Buyer agreed to purchase the property.

Takeaway: A listing agent's knowledge about each comparable home, their appointments, and the value of each upgrade is important when negotiating on a Seller's behalf. It's all about the details...the more you know, the better chance of a positive outcome!


Displaying blog entries 1-10 of 73

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